Factory Audits

Factory audits can ensure high blade quality by reviewing and evaluating the manufacturing processes in detail and giving advice for improvement.

RotorExperts developed an audit system for rotor blade factories which was certified by TÜV Rheinland in January 2019 and is currently used as a de-facto standard.

Based on RotorExperts Approval, we can hand out formal certificates to the companies audited. The audit system has been used for a couple rotor blade factories in Europe and China up to now and the related certificates have been granted.

No two rotor blades produced are identical. RotorExperts has developed a standardized approach to evaluate different rotor blade manufacturing processes (process audit), to check the quality of finished rotor blades (product audit) and to evaluate the factories themselves (company audit). In combination with recommendations for improvement this approach leads to a quality harmonization which is important for wind turbine manufacturers sourcing the same type of blade from multiple suppliers. The audit system has been approved by TÜV-Rhein- land in January 2019.