Senior Service Engineer Training

Sound knowledge and understanding of wind turbine and rotor blade technology is essential for performing professional rotor blade inspection and repair works.

Training Modules

RotorExperts gives classroom lectures to establish a broad understanding of wind turbine technologies, typical rotor blade designs, the materials and manufacturing methods and the related quality control procedures.

Based on these fundamentals, introduction to inspection methods, damage classification and standardized and complex repair procedures are given.


The Senior Service Engineer Training offers a high level knowledge transfer to enable your staff to all important maintenance and repair tasks at your wind park site and also supervise them.

Long Term Cost Reduction by

  • Early detection of damages
  • Qualified repairs performed according to
    international standards following
    standardized procedures
  • Benefit from RotorExperts‘ long time
  • Benefit from support RotorExperts in all
    non-standard issues
  • Miminum amount of down-time
    maximizes energy yield
  • Keep the value of your wind turbine


The certificate guarantees you a professional within your wind park care team to make all maintenance and repair tasks and to supervise them.

Training Site

Senior Service Engineer Training is a very efficient and flexible way to perform rotor blade inspections and repairs. RotorExperts provides professional training to enable the trainees to perform the related works according to international standards. The appropriate use of personal safety equipment and rescue procedures are trained as well as performing inspection, maintenance and repair works on rotor blades on-site.